The ANT'S are on the move

ANT'S a problem ?

SWAT Pest Control has all the answers for Ant Treatments

its that time of year as the weather is  just starting to warm up and  out come the first sighting of ANT'S and before you know it their inside your home looking for a food source we see so many people try and treat them themselves with ant powder and ant blocks then call us after because they cant get rid of them and the ant problem is getting worse.Its because the stuff on sale to the general public is very weak the powder is mostly chalk and the Ant blocks are an attraction so it makes the ants come in to your home  get to it. If you have a Ant problem call in SWAT pest control and don't waste your money on the weak stuff on sale in shops we will come and spray your home and put a barrier around your house that will kill the ants on contact and will last for months keeping your home ANT free  and with no messy white powder