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Using the medieval sport of kings as a modern form of Pest Control

SWAT Pest Control Boston Lincolnshire are using the medieval sport of kings "Falconry" as a modern ECO friendly way of dealing with seagulls and pigeons. we have a wide variety of birds of prey that we use for different situation and surroundings from Harris Hawks to Falcons we can offer a bird control program to suit all needs and best of all its a total ECO friendly solution we can clear away Birds that can't be harmed such as Seagulls because they see the Birds of prey as a natural threat this means we get a very fast result without harming any birds and its effects can be long lasting as on sites we use falconry customers see the numbers of birds reduce after just a few visits , but it is an on going treatment as new birds will always come and there's no quick fix and you can't bird net everywhere but the amount of flight's needed get less and less the more we fly on the sites and we have found on many sites we can drop flight amount down to one a week 

We have birds of prey that can also be used indoors this is a fantastic way to empty out old building that have been taken over by pigeons,we do lots of work for building company's that are renovating old disused building and need its pigeon free and made safe to work, SWAT Pest Control Boston offer a full pigeon removal service we use are birds of prey to clear away the pigeons and then remove all the nest's,clear away the pigeon guano which can be lethal to humans so has to be removed disposed in a safe manner with the correct PPI and waste disposal licence we then block the holes in to building using bird proof netting making  the building a safe environment  for workmen to start work.

SWAT Pest Control Boston Lincs clearing pigeons at Rotherham united FC