SWAT Pest control is your property safe from Rat's and mice ? call SWAT Pest Control Boston for a property safety check

SWAT Pest Control Boston is your home as safe as you may think ?

Things to look for on your property to keep it safe from rodents 

SWAT Pest Control Boston have put together a few photos to show some common problems we often find on property's when we get called out to do treatments on Rats & Mice after they have made your home their home and the unwanted guests are running riot in your loft space and cavity walls.

Rats chewing through air brick because owner had plant pots along the wall of the property  

Firstly it's very important to keep your garden nice and clean and clutter free things like Dog poop is a big problem as it is a food source for Rats so it's very important to clean up after your dogs also feeding the birds is a BIG no no they make so much mess and the wasted bird food is a big attraction for Rats Its like we always tell our customers. "take away the food source take away the problem".

Keeping your property exterior walls clutter free, keeping bins and plant pots away from walls, keep your wall completely clear  this will help prevent rodent problems. Rats & Mice are very low down the food chain and are a lot more afraid of us than we are of them. They have lots of things trying to catch and eat them like birds of pray, foxes,cats & dogs all trying to kill them. So if you keep your outside walls clutter free it takes away their hiding spaces as rodents like to run and hide, they dash from hiding place to hiding place and look for cover all the time to keep them out of sight and out of harm. 

hole left in wall after owner had removed fire flue and left it open Rats had found it within a few weeks

Keep trees and plants away from your property, cut back any trees that over hang or make contact with the property and avoid having plants that grow up the walls these are very common problems we see over and over again Rats will run up plants and climb trees with ease and make their way to the guttering and once there they will find a weak roof tile and bite their way in to your home. 

Make sure all your walls have no holes or gaps in check around all pipes and air vents and roof tiles for gaps as mice and rats only needs a small gap the size of a one pence piece that's all it take's to welcome them in to your home. 

Gap around pipe mice was using to get into this property

SWAT Pest Control Boston we offer a property check we will come out and give your home a once over and tell you if you need to make changes to help prevent rodents getting in your home.

Gap under roof tile where Rats was getting in