SWAT Pest Control Boston & Peterborough Bees nest removal without using poison

SWAT Pest Control Eco Friendly pest control Helping to Save the Bees 

we are doing our part for saving the Bee population  by moving the bees  by hand without the use of poison and without having to kill the bees then re homing them out of harms way so they can keep on doing what they do best "pollination" we also help local Bee keepers by giving them healthy bees we need to re home 

the photos are from SWAT Pest Control Peterborough if you look closely at the photo you can see a line of bees going back and forth to the nest with pollen.

we take our time working slowly and remove the nest along with a bit of loft insulation and place them in to a container then we take them away and find them a new home where they are out of harms way , it give us great satisfaction knowing we are helping to save the bee population