SWAT Pest control Boston Lincs call out to investigate a very large bug

SWAT pest control Boston Lincs called out to investigate a massive Bug 

Home owner in state of panic as a larges size bug is seen flying around house and call's in SWAT pest control Boston Lincs to take care of the giant bug 

SWAT pest control Boston Lincolnshire got a late call from a home owner in Boston who reported a very large bug that looked scary flying around in their home and that they  had to lock themselves in another room as they did not know if the bug could  bite or sting them and if there may  be more than one could it be a infestation in their kitchen. Their local SWAT pest control went straight around to take a look and caught the bug within seconds and told the customers that it was safe for them to come out as this bug is quite harmless and that it is a beetle called Cockchafer or (colloquially called May Bug or Doodlebug and that they are a quite rare beetle people don't see to often and that normally they appear in late April early May but as the weather as been up and down this year it may have made them start later this year , they are attracted to your house when you have lights on and can often be  heard flying in to windows trying to get to the lights , the customer was happy to have the bug removed from their home and after being told a bit of information about the bug they was not quite as scared of it any more and acutely felt sorry for the bug being stuck in the house  

Cockchafers  were once highly abundant until pesticide use in the mid 20th century almost wipe them totally out . Thankfully they have been making a come back now the law has about pesticides have been changed 

If you find one of these amazing bugs don't harm it a privilege to get to see one if you find one stuck in your home just catch it in a glass and set it free out side