SWAT 24-7 Pest Control Bed Bugs Treatments on the increase in Boston & Peterborough

Bed Bugs Treatments in Boston & Peterborough at an all time High


SWAT Pest Control technicians report's "we are seeing some of the worst infestations we have ever came across and the calls for bed bug treatments are coming think and fast " 


We are seeing record numbers of calls for Bed Bugs treatments and some of the infestations are the worst i have ever seen because people don't get it treated  early enough or they try for a cheaper option of trying to do the bed bug treatment themselves or using a cheap pest control company that don't  do the treatment thoroughly enough or use cheap chemicals .

when it comes down to bed bugs you need to act quickly as it don't take very long for the infestation to spread and before you know it you have them in every room in your house .

Be sure to use a highly qualified BPCA Pest Control company  like SWAT Pest Control Boston & Peterborough as the treatment has to be done right using the best treatments on the market and being very very  thoroughly because  if  a bit is missed the infestation will start up again in a matter of weeks  this is why the  treatment for bed bugs can seem high compared to other pest treatments its because the bed bug is so hard to properly get rid of and the pest controller has to really put some work in to his treatment and make sure they have treated everything and not missed anything    

This photo shows a special steam machine to heat up bed frame and has a treatment in the steam