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S.W.A.T pest control based in Boston, Lincolnshire, are here to help you with your pest problems.  In general, winter is not the season where you need to worry much about pests. After all a lot creatures are in hibernation! However, rodents, such as mice and rats do not hibernate. They- as well as some other winter pests- will certainly try seek out a warm place to stay during winter. And, one of these places may just be your home! So, please continue reading! And you can see more about these common winter pests, and when you’re likely to be in need of pest control…

Common Pests in Winter

During winter, the most common- and concerning pests- are rodents and cockroaches. They will be seeking some shelter during the cold weather, so you should keep a lookout for signs of their presence. These signs include: animal droppings, some unusual smells, and damage to your furniture and home.

But, rodents and cockroaches- in particular- don’t just pose a risk to your home. They can also threaten your health! As they can carry several diseases, which can be passed on through their droppings and through fleas. Rats carry several infectious diseases, like: E.coli. Tuberculosis, Cryptosporidiosis, and Salmonella. And there is no shortage of rats in the UK. In fact, research indicates that in the country there are as many as 60,000,000 (that’s 60 million) rats! So, for these reasons, it’s especially important to contact professional pest control, when you suspect you have rats in your home.

Other Pests

You should also be wary of wasps and hornets. This may sound surprising, as these are not winter pests. However, during winter queen hornets and wasps try find places to hibernate. And when the cold starts to leave, they will build a new nest, which will leave you with a serious issue to deal with! So if you starting noticing the presence of wasps or hornets, we advise that you contact pest control.

3 Clear Signs You Need Pest Control

So, now we’ve told you about some of the pests you might be seeing this winter, we’re now going to give you 3 clear signs, which indicate you really need to get in contact with a pest control company.

Health issues- as mentioned several pests carry diseases with them. So, if you are suffering a health related issue- perhaps someone in your home is experiencing allergy-type symptoms- and you suspect a possible pest problem, promptly contact a professional to investigate.

House damage- one of the most obvious signs of a pest problem, is finding damage to your home. Keep an eye out for gnawing, and scratches, particularly in wooden furniture.

Seeing the problem yourself- seeing several cockroaches, or rodents, in your home is the clearest sign that you have unwanted visitors and require professional assistance.

Are you in need of pest control in Boston, South Lincolnshire or Peterborough?

Don’t let winter pests ruin the festive season! If you have unwelcome visitors in your home- in Boston, South Lincolnshire, or Peterborough- please don’t hesitate to contact us. We will remove unwanted guest quickly and discreetly- without any fuss. And we promise to always offer a high quality service, at a competitive price!