Pest control Boston Lincolnshire UK Bed Bugs Treatment and what to look for


BED BUGS Hemiptera ( Cimicidae )

SWAT Pest Control Boston Lincolnshire deal with a very high call volume for Bed Bug Treatments in Boston In fact its one of our busiest pests but we also get lots of calls for Bed Bugs when people mistake flea bites for bed bugs bites so we thought we would put together this Blog to help you gather a bit more information on Bed Begs and what to look if you think you have a bed bug problem but do remember SWAT Pest Control Boston Lincs will come and and a look at your property FREE of charge if your not 100% sure if you have a pest problem or not , as  SWAT Pest Control Boston don't charge for call outs or quotations so please don't hesitate to contact us


Identification :

Adults : strongly depressed ; oval body ; reddish brown ; length females 4-8mm ; males are slightly smaller.

They are normally red brown but become purple after feeding . They only have small wings buds but have well-developed antennae and compound eyes . The legs are clawed to allow them to climb rough surfaces.

Origins & distribution :

Worldwide ,common all over the UK ,very abundant in large city's and many hotels 

Habitat :

Hiding places 

Head board and bed structure

Mattress and buttons seams 

Broken plaster

Peeling wall paper

Crevices in woodwork


Flooring joints


Pitcher rails and frames 

Light fitting 

13 Amp wall sockets

Hat band

Turn ups on clothes

above is photo of a wall covered in blood  splatter from bed bugs


Excretion speckling / cast skins

Almond like smell from the stink glands   

Bites on the skin : Usually the Bites are on the upper body as bed bugs stay near the to the head end of the bed.But sometimes can be on lower body such as legs and feet in the customer has turned the mattress around or moved the bed or bedside cabinets .

The bites are in straight lines or grouped together as the bed bug cant jump or fly so they walk along the creases in the bedding this is where flea bites are so different as flea bits are mostly on the legs and lower body and not in lines but scattered.  

photo above is of bed bug bites see how they follow the lie of the bed sheets