mole problems ? Moles causing havoc ? need mole treatment ? call the Lincolnshire mole catcher , Call SWAT pest control Peterborough & Boston

Don't let moles make a mess of your lawn this summer call SWAT Pest Control Peterborough & Boston

We are the Lincolnshire mole catchers

Lincolnshire and Peterborough suffer really bad with Mole problems because of all the fields and farm land as the ground is so rich and soft its perfect for moles 

It's amazing how such a little creature can do so much damage to your garden lawn 

Don't wast time and money trying to catch them yourself we see so many people trying it and spending money on mole traps and gadgets to stop moles and then end up calling us to sort the problem as they can't do it themselves , it takes a lot of skill to know where and how to trap moles and SWAT pest control Boston & Peterborough have years of experience in mole treatments and we are qualified and license to use Phosphide gas to treat really bad infestation 

If you have a mole problem or For more information on moles visit our website or give SWAT pest control a call on 01205346100