Massive hornets nest removal for SWAT Pest Control Boston Lincolnshire as calls increase for Wasps nest removal & Bees nest removal in Boston & Peterborough

Bees,Wasp's & Hornets nest removal Boston Lincolnshire


We don't see that many Hornets here in Boston & Peterborough but this was one BIG nest

The Hornets nest had been broken by Two squirrels trying to get to the grubs inside both squirrels had been killed by the Hornets and was dead under the nest but they had managed to break the nest open so the loft was full or very angry Hornets as big as your thumb flying everywhere as soon as we opened the loft hatch , we had to use a fogging machine and fill the house with fog to kill all the hornets because you don't want a hornet to sting you because they bite and lock on with their jaws and keep stinging over and over  it can put you in hospital and could even kill someone 

The news reported seven people got killed in France last year by Hornets    

 Photo of Massive Hornets nest by SWAT Pest Control Boston Lincs 

SWAT Pest Control Boston & Peterborough  are seeing more and more calls coming in for wasps nest removal in Boston uk as the weather is starting to warm up and this means a increase in bees nest removal and wasp nest treatments as with global warming we can expect more and more calls for hornets