BED BUG treatments on a all time high for SWAT pest control Boston and Peterborough

SWAT Pest Control Boston & Peterborough report record levels for Bed Bug Treatments



Photo by SWAT pest control Boston Lincolnshire of Bed bugs inside wire casing

"Whole streets with bud bugs problems in Boston "


Photos by SWAT pest control Boston Lincs of bed bugs in light switches 

SWAT Pest Control Boston & SWAT Pest Control Peterborough are seeing the highest number of calls for Bed Bug treatments , from home owners to Tenants and estate agents or letting agents we are receiving call after call for Bed Bugs treatments and it's on the increase as we now have more people living here from other parts of the world that means more people traveling back and forth from the uk to their homeland and as we know all to well bed bugs love to travel it's built in to them to try and expand  so they crawl case to case on airplanes, room to room in hotels or on to somebody's clothes as they sit down on a infested sofa one way or another they find away to travel buts that only half the problem the other half is they breed very very fast and it don't take long till you have a really bad infestation , our advice is to get professional pest control like SWAT in at first signs of bed bugs look for bites on the upper body or blood marks on your bedding take a look at the bed base for little black dot's or blood splatter and if you find any of these don't make the mistake of trying to treat  it yourself with stuff from the shops or eBay like smoke bombs as there a complete wast of time  and money . Bed bugs are very difficult to treat as they can live anywhere it's not just on the bed like people often think , bud bugs can be in the wall paper behind light switches, in the loft space or in the floor boards , in the wardrobes in the clothing they can be everywhere even house to house like the case of the property in photos that's why we have to really take our time and put lots of work  in on bed bug treatments because if you miss anything it will just start again over and over this is why bed bug treatments cost more that other pests like wasps nest removal ,bees nest treatment or ant treatments the bed bug is one of the hardest pests to treat  .

The photos show a really bad bed bug infestation that we are currently treating, the owners used another local company last year and they did not treat it good enough and now their over run with bed bugs and so is the rest of the street of terraced houses as infestation is that bad the bed bugs have gone house to house is search of new blood, the property was so bad that all furniture had to be thrown away and they even had bed bugs in the kitchen and that was a first for us to find bed bugs in a kitchen, this property and the neighboring properties are going to have two full treatments and then top up treatment if needed , if the other pest control company they used before had done the job right in the first place they could of saved the furniture and saved a lot of money as well that's why you should only use highly qualified BPCA members like SWAT pest control Boston Lincolnshire then you know the job will be done right.



photos by swat pest control Boston uk of wardrobe covered in bed bugs and eggs